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Internet threats such as hacking, ransomware are increasing day by day. Every device needs a good software program as a front line defense from these threats. Other than internet threats, your system can suffer from other threats such as viruses, adware, bots, Trojans and malware. Malwarebytes antivirus is a well-known software security program which provides excellent security features to your device.

Malwarebytes is a very light-weighted antivirus program, which has a minimum system impact. It detects all harmful URLs and blocks them from entering in your device. But like another security program, a user can face some trouble while using Malwarebytes in his device. If you need any kind of assistance while using Malwarebytes in your device, contact Malwarebytes Tech Support and get the solutions.

Contact Malwarebytes Customer Service and get your queries to resolve quickly.

If you need reliable and quick help support then dialing Malwarebytes Number can be a good choice for you. We have an excellent team of proficient members. Our team members have years of experience and can easily fix your glitches quickly in a very friendly manner. We are offering you round the clock services which means you can contact our team at any time of the day.

Issues related to Malwarebytes which can be easily resolved by dialing Malwarebytes Contact Number:

Installation issues with Malwarebytes: Installation issue occurs when there is some error in Malwarebytes downloaded files or in Windows files. Corrupted program files or corrupted register files can also create trouble while installing Malwarebytes antivirus in your device. Check the system requirements and storage before downloading Malwarebytes antivirus in your system. Follow the steps mentioned below for installing Malwarebytes in your device:

  1. Open your web-browser
  2. Go to the official website of Malwarebytes
  • Click on the free download button
  1. Clicking that button will redirect you to another page
  2. Your Malwarebytes antivirus will start downloading automatically
  3. Tap on the Click here button
  • You will see a run dialog box in your screen which will ask you if you want to run or save the program
  • Select the preferred language
  1. Click on the OK button
  2. You will get a Malwarebytes antivirus setup in your desktop
  3. Tap on the next button
  • Click on the I accept the agreement window
  • Click on the Next button
  • A setup dialog box will appear in your desktop
  1. Click on next button
  • Click on the drive where you want to save your Malwarebytes related files
  • Click on the Next button
  • Click on the install now button
  • Choose the Finish button
  1. Restart your device after full installation
  • Check if your antivirus is installed correctly or not, if not then dial Malwarebytes Customer Service Phone Number for proper guidance.

Unable to run Malwarebytes on my system: Many times, even after full installation, the antivirus shows glitches while scanning. Broken register files can be a big cause of this error. Corrupted program files or outdated Malwarebytes can also lead to this problem. Always use the updated version of your Malwarebytes antivirus. The outdated version may cause you many other damages also. Here are the steps for solving this error:

  1. Go to the dashboard of your Malwarebytes antivirus
  2. Click on the Scan now button
  • After a full scan, check for the reports
  1. Select the Quarantine items
  2. If you don’t want quarantine the items, you can uncheck them from quarantine items
  3. Tap on the reports
  • Click on the scan reports
  • Tap on view reports
  1. Tap on Quarantine tab for viewing your quarantine items
  2. Click on the items you want to remove from quarantine
  3. Restart the device
  • Check if your problem is resolved or not, if not then contact Malwarebytes Support for help.

Malicious site protection disabled: Malicious URL protection feature provides safety from all sites which can be harmful to your device and network. If it finds any URL malicious, it blocks that site from accessing your network. But that feature gets disabled then your device may get attacked by many online threats.  Follow the steps given below for enabling Malicious URL protection function:

  1. Close all your running programs
  2. Restart your device
  • Go to the dashboard of your Malwarebytes
  1. Tap on the Update now button
  2. Wait for a minute
  3. After a proper update, close your Malwarebytes antivirus
  • Open Malwarebytes again
  • Check if that function is now working or not. If you are still getting any kind of glitches then dial our Malwarebytes Customer Service Phone Number.

Error 20025: Error 20025 is a common error and reported by many Malwarebytes antivirus customers. Error 20025 occurs due to any kind of issues in your Operating System. For resolving this error, you can try updating your device drivers. Check your error is resolved or not. You can dial Malwarebytes Number and can ask for professional help.

Merits of dialing Malwarebytes Tech Support:

  • 99% customer satisfaction solutions on the first call
  • Get best assistance and details about your product
  • 24*7 online help support
  • Reliable solutions of your glitches
  • Very quick and cost-effective help support

Why dial Malwarebytes Number over service centers?

Malwarebytes is a top antivirus product which provides you safety from many harmful viruses, malware, and other online threats. But if you face any issue while using Malwarebytes in your device, this can directly affect your device. For better and quick solutions, you can contact Malwarebytes Support any time of the day for help. But other service centers don’t provide this kind of facilities because they are time-bounded and can’t provide you services at night. But, we are providing you round the clock services for seven days a week for Malwarebytes antivirus.

How to contact Malwarebytes Customer Service Phone Number?

Our Malwarebytes Support team is providing you with various platforms for connecting with us:

  • Support via Phone Call: You can dial Malwarebytes Contact Number and your call will directly connect you to our professional technicians.
  • Support via online chat: We are aware that many customers feel uncomfortable with telephonic conversations, for those customers we are providing you live chat platform where you can quote your query easily.
  • Our help services for your Malwarebytes antivirus are also available in various SNSs like Facebook and Twitter.